Well, it’s been a mad old week or two here.  The Husband arrived home from work about 10 days ago with wine and no job.  His company had imploded and made him redundant.

Thankfully he’s very skilled at what he does and his market sector is buoyant so we are not remotely phased by this.  We spent the first night drinking the wine and toasting all the reasons this was a great thing to happen and the opportunities it opens up for us.

Obviously, I’m making the most of having him home and ‘we’ have made a start on the renovations.  The first thing ‘we’ have to do is lift all the floors.

Give a man a hammer....

I cannot tell you how much mess tiled floors make when they come up.  There is dust EVERYWHERE. But, the tiles were cracked and ready to be replaced so this rewire is a blessing in disguise.  I hasten to add that I had nothing to do with any of this.  It’s all The Husband and Pa SIL.  I’ve just been supplying tea, sandwiches and cake!

The hallway floor was lifted last week

They have been working like Trojan’s to get this done.  The kitchen will be completely cleared this week and then there’s only the living room to do.  I say ‘only’ as it’s laminate not tile BUT there are 7 floor-to-ceiling bookcases to pack up and remove before we can get to the floor.

I let him have the weekend off!  It was his birthday yesterday, after all.  We had a wonderful day with family and cake, but I was a little shabby from far too much red wine on Saturday night, so forgot to take photos.  I did, however, finish the Sweater of Doom just in time, and he absolutely loves it.  So, I’ll get photos of it this week and share.

Right, I’m off to toile a Lekela pattern for myself.

Blouse With Wide Sleeves

My wardrobe is decidedly bare and I need some tops.  I’m hoping to get the first one done this week.  Fingers crossed!