It’s cold here.  Damp.  Grey. Windy. Gloomy.

Weather for socks and sweaters and quilts.  For hunkering down and knitting. For hot tea and soup.

The back of Larry is finished.

The back of Larry is finished.

With the sewing loft in complete disarray as we slowly pack it up (we now have a deadline…it must be done in 4 weeks as the rewire starts then), actual sewing is the last thing on my mind.

But the dreary days lend themselves to mindless tasks such as taping together PDF patterns.

pdf pile

It’s a task I don’t mind and is perfect for days like this when you want to be productive, but not have to work too hard at it.

And so we have the Shwin Designs Johnny Be Good Hoodie


and Apple Loungewear patterns all taped up and ready to go.


I’m saving the 40-odd page See & Sew pattern for another day.  But, could it be true? Could the sewing mojo be waking up from hibernation?  I sincerely hope so! I’m ready for it when it does.


The title of this post is just to make me smile.  I’m referring to the weather, not some new career path of knife wielding assassin.  

Honestly! 😉