Otherwise known as sitting on your derrière drinking tea and not doing much else!

Chorley - fashion capital of the North!

Chorley – fashion capital of the North!

I do realise I’m very lucky that my recurring lurgies are nothing more than militant bugs taking advantage of my overly stressed immune system.  There are a bajillionty worse things that could be happening. But it was nice to wake this morning for the first time in months and not feel all sorts of off colour. Tired…yes. Sick…no.  Thank you Biostrath, Serrapeptase and Probiotics!

My initial reaction is to get stuck in to some enormous project, but I’m being sensible taking things slowly.  At the moment it’s all about the slow.  Pootling around the house, restoring order after the Christmas chaos.  Sitting and knitting and watching movies. Heavens…I’m even making time to read books as well as blogs. The odd half hour, heavily scaled, CrossFit workout.

I did NOT do this whole workout!

Don’t get me wrong.  I have a mountain of fabric begging to be sewn, and miles of yarn to knit.  The house is in need of a full makeover.  There’s plenty to be done, and that’s not including the ideas that are slowly percolating in my brain.

But…lots of the fabric is already in storage ready for the construction work in the loft.  And the loft is such a mess at the moment that until we pack it up fully there’s not going to be a great deal of sewing going on.

The house makeover can’t begin until the rewire is done.  That’s probably going to be March so I just need to squint at the shabbiness and dream of decorating.

And the ideas…we’ll they just need to bubble a little more and see what pops to the top.

So, whilst I’m enjoying the slow I’m knitting the first project of the year.

larry on the needles

The Husband lost a whole load of weight last year which meant that this much loved jacket didn’t fit him any more.

Whitfield Jacket by Anne Hanson

Whitfield Jacket by Anne Hanson

I’m not fond of re-knitting yarn, but he loved this so much I begrudgingly happily agreed to reuse it, as long as I could do a different garment.

He agreed.

I’m knitting Larry, a free pattern from Berrocco.


It’s a super simple knit which is just about perfect for my attention span at the moment.  It’s very reminiscent of Brooklyn Tweed’s Cobblestone, but Larry is knitted in pieces and seamed, whereas Cobblestone is knitted in the round.

I’m also working on a small sewing project for Button.

sneak peek

sneak peek

This one has to be finished in time for a certain little lady’s birthday on Sunday, so I’ll be able to show you the finished project next week.

Until then…have a lovely weekend.  Keep dry and warm (if you’re in the northern hemisphere) and cool (if you’re south).  And, if you can, kick back and relax.