Time flies when you’re having fun!  Rather than just drop off the face of the earth – or more so than I have done recently – I thought I’d post a quick catch-all catch-up of what’s going on here.  And then hopefully I can do some more detailed posts when I’ve caught my breath!

  • Last Wednesday was our wedding anniversary so the Mr and I cooked dinner together…he did the steaks, I did the pudding.  Sticky toffee pudding to be precise. Because he loves it.  And because I love him.  And because we had it for pudding on our wedding day. It was astonishingly delicious!sticky toffee pudding
  • However it certainly wasn’t as delicious as the dinner we had on Saturday at Northcote.  OMG!    And I had a wine flight as well (The Husband fell on his sword and drove!).  A glass of perfectly matched wine for each course.  And Martinis!  The best dirty Martinis I’ve ever had.Northcote chocolate
  • I made a skirt for Friday. From remnants of my wedding dress. I didn’t get photos on Friday, but I will, I promise.
  • This week I don’t have a car as we sold both our cars at the weekend but only replaced The Husband’s. We didn’t think that through! 😉  It’s very odd not having the luxury of just jumping in the car to go wherever whenever (and I do know how lucky I am to have my own car), but it’s also quite lovely just to walk the kids to school and then come home and stay home. Today I’ve been doing chores, but tomorrow I’m planning to put my kitchen blind on the table and start sewing that.
  • In knitting news I’m making good progress on the second of these mitts.  I’m hoping to finish that this week and send them back to Liz who is going to sew in the ends before I knit up the thumbs. I cannot tell you how grateful I am not to have to sew in all those ends!almost orla mitts

Now…if only I could get some time in daylight to take pictures to share with you!