I have a serious case of missing mojo!  The only thing I’m remotely keen on doing at the moment is sewing hexies.  And a little knitting.  But I’ve not been in the sewing room since Red, except to pack up boxes.

So when I realised this week was Kids Clothes Week…I had absolutely no enthusiasm for it whatsoever.

kcw fall13

I have to admit that I’d got my timing wrong.  I’d originally thought it coincided with half-term, but that doesn’t start until Friday, so technically I have 4 days when I could sew for the kids.

Lord knows they need some winter clothes.  And I have a crate of shirts and jeans and fabric offcuts all ready to upcycle into lovely things for them.

But I just feel so “meh!” about sewing.  I know it’s because I’m still harbouring the tail end of this wretched cough, but even I’m bored of that now.

I really wouldn’t mind making Button another couple of those lovely Heidi and Finn Cowl Neck Dresses:

cowl dress

It’s such a great pattern.  It’s a perfectly quick sew yet cosy and stylish, and with tights and boots would see her through the season. I have some red ponte left and some blue jersey, both of which would be cute on her.

I also have four shirts to cut up for Boy…I’m loving the Ethan shirt by SisBoom:

ethan shirt

He’s always been resistent to shirts but I’m hoping that as 3 of the shirts are pink (which he loves) I might be able to win him over.

I could make him some Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants to go with the shirts:

field trip cargoAnd I think he’d love a Greenpoint Cardigan as a lightweight jacket alternative. I’ve enough of the blue jersey to make both a dress for Button and a cardigan for Boy:

greenpointObviously I’m not going to get 2 dresses, 4 shirts, a pair of jeans and a cardigan cut and sewn in 4 days, but, at the very least, I’d get them all printed, taped and cut out. Which would be a start, and might just give my mojo the kick in the butt is so richly deserves.

I don’t know.

I’m almost talking myself into it.

Are you ‘doing’ KWC?