Hello…remember me?

I used to write here on this blog.

Seriously…this week has been a bear.  The kids are unsettled by the new school year.  The dog is unsettled by the start of the new school year.  I’m unsettled by the start of the new school year.

Add in a houseful of tired peeps and I can assure you it’s not been our finest week. No picturesque Pinterest shiny family here this week.  More like a box of bonkers frogs.  So time I should have spent doing the fun stuff has been spent trying to corral the crazy.  And clean up the evidence of the dog being unsettled.  And stop the house smelling like a boarding kennel as a result!

This weekend is also super busy but I’m really hoping that next week things will settle, and at the very least I’ll get the time to photograph a couple of gorgeous treats that Ma has made.

In the meantime…have a great and crazy free weekend. I’m going to try for the same!