How annoying is this?

The Husband recently started a new job.  That’s not the annoying bit.  That’s very good news indeed!  He’s really enjoying his new job and he’s home much more than he was previously.  It’s a win win.

No…the annoying bit is that although he’s on holiday now for a week, his major client has requested a meeting next week.  The Husband is the only person who can facilitate this meeting…which means he has to go.

Which means we’re not off to Devon next week.

GertieNo Gertie for us! *sad face*

Under normal circumstances I’d kick up a royal fuss about it, but new job and big client means we have to make other plans.

So, we’ll be having family fun closer to home.  And saving our Gertie adventure for another day.

Which means, I suppose, that if you’re looking for a last minute adventure for yourself, she’s sat there waiting for you.