Wow you guys are amazing!  Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my last post.  I knew you guys would be able to help.

And what great help it is…I received some really great links and a kind offer of sample hunting from the Goldhawk Road (thanks Jane!).

So I’m closing in on my perfect denim. Silvia sent me a link which has resulted in me requesting a sample from an online company I hadn’t come across before.

red denim 2Which made me think…maybe you hadn’t come across them either.  So here’s a quick run-down of the new-to-me sites, plus some that I know of that I haven’t used yet, and some that are my favourites.

New to me sites – all of them have red, and a multitude of other, denim:  be warned…this is one of the gaudiest and hard to navigate sites I’ve ever seen!

Sites I know of but haven’t bought from:

Stone fabrics

M is for Make

Dragonfly Fabrics


Our patterned hand

Coussette – French lovliness


Shops I know and love

Ditto fabrics – I love their bricks and mortar shop in Brighton’s Lanes too

Calico fabrics – Sometimes I miss living near Kingston!

The Village Haberdashery – my favourite online shop!

Joel and Sons – seriously gorgeous and seriously pricey fabric…but just the most exquisite selection.

If you’ve any you’d like to add, just let me know in the comments and I’ll update this post with them.  I may even collate them all into a separate page that we can come back to as an when.  What do you think?

PS…I’m sooooooo sorry about the Joel and Sons link. 😉  It’s a little rich for my pocket at the moment but it’s just the most divine shop and website.  

Pure fabric p*@n.  

I have visited the bricks and mortar store where they had copies of Vogue open on top of bolts of fabric.  The fabric was that which had been used by the designer being featured in the magazine.  A strangely surreal experience but so wonderful to get up close and personal with such amazing textiles.