Why is it that when you have a specific project in mind it’s nigh on impossible to find the fabric you have in your head?


No…you’ve no idea either?

Phew…I thought it was just me!

Case in point…the red denim skirt.

apologies for crappy phone photo

apologies for crappy phone photo

Having made this skirt up in blue denim and worn it at least twice a week since it came off the machine (in fact I’m wearing it as I type), I’m Jonesing for a red version.

With this in mind I ordered a sample of this red denim from Ditto fabrics:

image from dittofabrics.co.uk

image from dittofabrics.co.uk

Sadly, whilst the colour is lovely, the fabric is too lightweight for the skirt.  I’d say it was more suitable for dresses.

So I’m still on the hunt for the perfect stretch red denim and would really appreciate your help.  If, on your travels across the interwebs, you come across some medium weight stretch red denim or twill, would you mind letting me know?

Thanks so much.