Readers, we’ve made it to the half way point of the summer holidays and we’re all still on speaking terms.

This is nothing short of miraculous.

Our kids are bold and bouncy and full of energy.   I had started the holidays with some trepidation that I might not be able to keep them entertained.  I had a huge list of activities to call upon should I need too.

I have to tell you that so far the only activity I’ve “resorted” to is a couple of visits to a local play centre when they’ve needed a little bit of time to blow off some steam.

Other than that we’ve spent a lot of time at home, playing in the garden, planting flowers in the front garden, visiting friends and, don’t judge me, a couple of quiet days on the sofa with snacks, quilts and back to back movies. I never thought the day would come when we’d sit quietly together for any period of time.  It’s been bliss.

Don’t get me wrong.  There have been fights over who’s turn it is on the swing. Heads have been bashed with the seat of the swing. We have more than our fair share of scooter scrapes and climbing bruises.  And the dog has chewed the paddling pool to shreds!

But, with only two weeks to go until The Husband is on holiday and we head off to Devon, I’m now thinking “we’re not going to squeeze everything in”.

I still haven’t finished the Simplicity top that is currently on the table.  It’s cut out and I’ve sewn the bust darts.  I’m hoping next week to have a little more time and a little more energy to get it done.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m really tired.  I tip my hat to teachers and working and single moms.  I have absolutely no idea how you do it.

But it’s highlighted to me that it’s time to get fit and healthy again.  The recent weight gain is uncomfortable, and I haven’t been fit…really strong and fit…for far too many years.

A colleague of The Husband’s is a member of a local Cross Fit box and has been singing it’s praises.  His wife was a similar weight and fitness level to me and joined the box with him.  Two months later she is seeing dramatic results that she couldn’t have anticipated.

Tomorrow we are going to a Cross Fit taster session.

I am terrified.

Have you seen the exercises they do?  I can’t even touch my toes never mind do “burpees” or “push-ups”.  And as for “double unders” (a tricky skipping maneouver)…they make me want to weep at the thought!

But a certain small girl caught me looking it up on You Tube and told me she thought it was “far too tricky” for me, but ok for The Husband.  This is not the example that I want to set for her.  I want her to see that strong is achievable. That strong and healthy is a better goal than skinny.  I want her to be proud of me.

So I’m stuffing the fear under a rug and ignoring it.  I’m grateful that the class teachers are physiotherapists as well as fitness instructors and that they are confident that they can work with my complete lack of strength and flexibility and can turn it around.

Rest assured that this isn’t about to become a fitness blog…just sharing with you a challenge that I’m about to undertake.

And hopefully you’ll be seeing less and less of me over the coming months…in a very healthy way.