It is many, many years since I made anything except children’s clothes from a pattern pulled right out of the envelope.  But as I explained in my earlier post, I ran with Pavlova without any alterations.


I don’t regret it one little bit.  And this is going to be possibly the shortest pattern review in the world ever.

IMG_8427_edited-2I cannot rave enough about this pattern.  It’s brilliantly drafted.  The instructions are clear and very easy to follow. Did I mention I didn’t need to make a single alteration to the pattern?

The resulting top is just lovely. And it’s sooooo comfortable to wear. I’ve already worn it twice, on both occasions to full day meetings where it’s stood up to long train rides, stiflingly hot meeting rooms, and me bending and stretching, without the faintest hint of a paparazzi moment with my bosom.

I’m wearing it with the ties at the back, simply because I don’t need any more bulk at the front.  I like the way I can arrange the ties to create a cummerbund effect. I also love the way the pattern on this fabric flows around the garment.

IMG_8442_edited-1Now if you’re wondering why I’m standing like some demented wannabe superhero, it’s because I’m desperately trying to draw your attention to the sleeves.

They are a little loose, no?

I stand by my original assertion of Steph’s genius.  This isn’t a problem with the pattern…nope, the reason that the sleeves are loose on me is my shape.  I hold my weight around my middle but have proportionally slimmer arms.  The pattern is drafted for someone whose limbs are as slender or plumptious as the rest of their body, not like twigs on a snowman! 😉

So I am going to take them in a little.  Just because I prefer a slimmer fitting sleeve.

Other than that…this is pretty darned perfect and I’m a very, very happy girl.  I cannot wait to make another version of this and highly recommend you make it too!  I don’t think you’ll regret it.