My plan for today was to have everything cut out and ready to sew.

I hadn’t factored in coffee with my friends this morning.  Or, to be precise, I had factored it in, but hadn’t factored in that we hadn’t seen each other for a while and we can talk for England! And Scotland! And Wales! (We were all represented at the table!)   Add in the necessary chores and it was time to collect the kids before I even got a peek at the sewing loft.

So after the wee ones were abed tonight I high tailed it up there and cut out the skirt and pulled out the Pavlova pattern ready to do the myriad alterations I knew I’d need before I could put pattern to fabric.


Turns out I’m a fool and Steph is a genius.

I’m a big fan of Steph’s.  I love her joie de vivre, her fantastic ability to structurally and mathematically analyse a sewing problem, and her amazing work ethic.  I’ve been following the launch of her pattern line with glee…really wearable garments that flatter all shapes and sizes of women.  I’ve been so impressed with her commitment to providing the best possible product with the highest levels of customer support.

I’ve also been hesitant to make a start on either Pavlova or Tiramisu.  I think Susan said it far better than I ever could:

All these gorgeous, wearable, well-fitting Tiramisus had been popping up everywhere — how cool! how inspiring! As long as my pattern remained untried, the amazing potential, the validation, of something that might fit me “out of the envelope” was still there

I really didn’t want to be the one for whom this pattern didn’t work.

But tonight…as I double checked the measurements, and then triple checked them, I realised something very odd.

It looks as though this pattern might just fit me straight out of the envelope.

Seriously! It’s a world first!

I was all ready to add length and FBA’s and goodness knows what else.  But no. I can’t see any way that I need to alter this pattern.

The only thing that stopped it being cut out this evening is that I need to clear the dining room table so I can lay the fabric all out nice and flat ready for pinning and cutting. And frankly, I couldn’t be bothered!

So tonight, whilst I thought I’d be faffing with paper and tape and scratching my head as I try to work it all out, I’m sat with a glass of wine and my knitting, and tomorrow I will cut the top out whilst I’m fresh in the morning, and then crack on with sewing the skirt.

It seems that despite my best efforts to leave myself no time to sew, I have been saved by a good pattern choice in a simple pencil skirt in an easy to sew fabric (another world first), and an ingeniously designed pattern, drafted by a magician.

Fingers crossed, folks.