I do recognise that talking about being very busy is such a First World problem, so I  think I’ll start off by saying that I’m most definitely not complaining about my lot…more ruminating on the fact that I feel like I’m meeting myself coming back at the moment.

Last week I :

:: went to 4 hospital appointments at 3 different hospitals

:: made a party dress for Button

:: made an apron which was included in a gift hamper at the school fair

:: made a batch of chocolate cupcakes for the school fair

:: spent Saturday running the cake stall at the school fair.  As we made over £2k on the day, it was well worth it!

:: went shopping for fabric…unsuccessfully

:: had a sick husband and dog

:: did all the other myriad stuff that you need to do each week.

:: spent a whole day catching up on ironing and chasing down the dust bunnies.

:: knitted some more of Aislinn:


The yarn isn’t this blue in real life…it’s navy, but the light isn’t great here today so this is the best I could muster!

:: cast on another pair of socks for The Husband:


:: finished putting the papers into roughly 250 hexies which will be the links between the flowers on the hexie quilt.


This week isn’t looking any less busy, mainly due to a self-imposed Sewing Bee-esque sewing challenge. I have an outing on Friday and “NEED” a new outfit for it. So I’ve abandonded all other sewing plans in favour of  a Pavlova top in some delicious new jersey I scored at Jonny Looloos today.


Navy and ivory jersey…in store now.

This fabric was waaaaaaaay more than I would normally pay (£17 a metre…ouch!) but I was talking with The Husband about this at the weekend and he encouraged me to purchase better quality fabric that I absolutely love.  And I absolutely love this.

I’m planning to pair it with a denim pencil skirt from the Spring/Summer Burda Plus magazine.  I won’t be putting the pockets in this version.

apologies for crappy phone photo

apologies for crappy phone photo

This skirt and top is just the ticket as they should be straightforward and, therefore, doable in the time I have available to me.  I’m just hoping I don’t end up eating my words!  I got off to a good start this evening as The Husband is away on business which meant I could keep myself busy at the sewing table tracing and cutting out the patterns.

Tomorrow I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get everything cut out and ready to sew, leaving me two days to actually construct the garments.

Wish me luck…I may need it! 😉