I have much to share.


A skirt.


By close of play today I should have a dress too!

What I don’t have is pictures of two of the finished makes.  And the ones I do have I cannot get up to WordPress for love nor money.

Technology is great when it works.  When it doesn’t it sucks!

Anyway…I’ve got a crazy busy day today not helped by the fact that Miss Button stuffed a teeny tiny pink plastic ball in her ear last night because she didn’t want to go to sleep….

4 hours at our local A&E later, not much sleep for anyone, and today she has to go to Preston to have the darned thing removed. Le Sigh!

I’ll be off radar for a couple of days as this weekend is mega busy with fun stuff, so next week I’ll have lots of lovely things to share with you.

Until then….have a glorious weekend.


Said wee small ball is determined not to come out.  Wee small girl is determined not to sit still to facilitate removal of wee small ball.

We are booked in for 7.30 on Tuesday morning to go in for anaesthetic to remove wee ball from wee girl.

Les plus sighs!