When I fell for you I thought I couldn’t possibly love you any more than I did right then. Little did I know what would happen when we became parents. IMG_8223_edited-2 Watching you love, cherish and protect your children took my love to a different place. Watching them love and adore you back is a beautiful thing.

We lead busy lives Chez Stitches and we are a boisterous family.  I work hard amongst the crazy to remember to express our gratitude everything you do for us and for the wonderful life we have together. I don’t always make it.

So today I get to tell you, my wonderful, amazing Husband just how much I cherish you.  Darling, you are my rock. I am grateful every single minute to share my life with you and to raise our children with you.


Yesterday we celebrated, as is our tradition, with a lovely family lunch.

Photos like this one always remind me that there is a person missing…but still very close to all our hearts…

IMG_8253…they also prove my point.  I am one very lucky girl indeed.