I’ve mentioned before how much I use my local library to access sewing, knitting and cookery books. It’s a win-win situation.  I get my grubby little mitts on all the latest books for 60p a go.  They have another regular customer, which can only help to keep the library open for the whole community. Use it or lose it, no?

I find the fact of my community spirit faintly hilarious.  Before I met The Husband I worked in Soho in London and between commuting, working and spending far too much time in bars with colleagues and the odd glass of Jack Daniels or several!  I wouldn’t have given two hoots for keeping the library open for the community.

Now…I’m an active member of the PTFA at Button and The Boy’s school and I sit on Adoption Panel every month.  So when I was recently by our village library to put together a little display about sewing I was happy to oblige. After much thinking I decided to talk a little bit about how simple it is to start sewing, using the Beachy Boat Neck Tee as an example, and upcycling a t-shirt donated by Ma SIL. Three birds with one stone…or t-shirt!

beachy boatneckOf course I left it rather to the last minute.  I suspect no one is surprised by this.

IMG_8111_edited-1Thankfully the Beachy Boat Neck comes together in no time whatsoever.


He looks like he’s about to board a clipper for adventures on the high seas!

I used Photoshop to make a load of speech bubbles which lead the reader through a simple “how to” upcycle a shirt.  That was the hardest part as I’m not particularly technically minded and have never done anything remotely graphical. On Monday I pinned everything in place, added a selection of available and relevant library books to complete the display, et voila!

IMG_8167_edited-2I don’t think it turned out to badly and the ladies at the library were pleased. I suppose if just one person decides to have a go at sewing, or to come back to it, or even to try something new, like upcycling, then I’ll be able to consider this a real achievement.

That The Boy got a new t-shirt is not to be sniffed at, either!