Last night after the kids had gone to bed, and I’d sent a very off colour husband to bed early too, I hunkered down and watched the last 3 lessons of Knit to Flatter – “Shaping and Modifications”, “Darts and Frankensweaters” and “Perfect Sweater Checklist”

knittoflatterI’ve been dragging my feet on tackling this bit, because its the part where I actually have to work out how I’m going to make the modifications I want to make to the pattern.

I’m also determined to use up stash yarn to knit this sweater, and to produce a fabric I like I end up with a gauge that is different to the given gauge in the pattern.

So far so scary.

However, having watched these last three lessons I’m feeling a bit more optimistic.

I’m feeling happier about how to calculate the waist shaping I’m planning on adding to give me the illusion of a waist.

I know that I’ll adding some extra width to the front of the cardigan as I carry my weight at the front, and I have a bust.

And I know that I’ll have to do some maths around the neckline as I want it to start a little higher up, and I’ll need to accommodate the extra stitches I’ll be adding to the front for the extra front width (does that make any sense? Strangely it does to me!).

The calculations for the yarn substitution are giving me a little more pain, as it’s not something covered in the course.  And this is where I’ve hit a glitch with the course.  I’ve been having problems getting a response to my query posted in the forum.  I’m not sure why, as it’s happened once before, but I’m pretty sure it’s down to a technical glitch.

But, the internet is a marvellous place and I found a handy dandy formula over at Loom Knitting Help that looks sensible to me, so I’m going to give it a go. Unless, of course, you’ve any suggestions, or a super reliable technique for recalculating the pattern for a different gauge.  In which case I’m all ears…please share.

Ignoring this minor niggle, I have to say that, for me, Knit to Flatter has been a success:

  • Amy helps you identify what constitutes a flattering knit in a gentle and non-judgemental way.
  • This course is clearly aimed at knitters like myself who’ve never contemplated making alterations to a pattern before.
  • It walks you through the basics in a clear and simple to understand way.
  • It gives you the tools to identify what changes you’d like to make and the tools and formulae to make this happen.
  • It boosts your confidence in your ability to actually make these alterations – they are achievable.

The only downside to this course is that I’ve had some problems with the forum part.  On one occasion a question I posed remained unanswered.  I emailed Amy directly and she came right back with a response and was very apologetic, even though the problem was technical rather than lack of commitment to the programme on her part.

On this second occasion I posted a question that then disappeared.  I reposted and then the original question reappeared and I suspect this has again caused a problem with Amy not receiving it, which would explain the lack of response.

I haven’t been put off by these minor glitches.  I still think that the Craftsy platform is brilliant and I know that if I really wanted to push for a response I could email Amy direct and she’d respond, and graciously.

To conclude:

  • I think the Craftsy platform gives you access to courses you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, at a reasonable price.
  • I love that you can go over the material again and again at your leisure.  I know as I start the calculations for this cardigan there are a couple of chapters that I’ll be revisiting, just to make sure I have it right.
  • And I love that I now have the confidence to embark on a project of modifications that I wouldn’t have contemplated before working through this course.  In fact, I’m now keen to sit and work it out and have a revised pattern ready for cast on.

I now know that making modifications to my knits is the way forward for me and, thanks to Amy and Craftsy, I’m not scared at that prospect.

PS…The Husband is fine today, thank you.

PPS…I have received no incentive from Craftsy to review this course.  I just thought you’d like to know my experience before spending your hard earned pennies.