Oh, could my post titles be any cornier?

Ma has been busy with the needles again, so here are the last couple of knits for the kids for a while.  They are all set up for the summer…it being England, and all!  Not renowned for it’s glorious sunshine and soaring temperatures! You’ll see what I mean with these pictures…it was grey and rainy yesterday…and it shows!


You’ll probably recognise this pattern from last year. It’s Little Montoya from Kate Jackson Knits. Button had rapidly outgrown her cream version and it’s too pretty a pattern not to revisit.

IMG_8030_edited-1The Boy also has a sweater in the same yarn, Hayfield Bonus Aran.


I suspect this pattern is from the Jolly Beachcomber book.  I suspect Ma will comment if it’s not.

IMG_8039_edited-1I had the Devil’s own job getting these photos yesterday…they were both full of beans.


IMG_8009_edited-1And I’m not pointing fingers, but Daddy was stood behind me at the time…. 😉