As I curled up on the sofa last night with a new book from the library (which I promise to review at a later date because so far I’m finding it pretty darned useful), I realised this was also a fine opportunity to work through the next lesson in the Craftsy Knit to Flatter course.

knittoflatterSo that’s exactly what I did.


Episode 7 – Size, Fit, Ease, is all about comparing your measurements to the pattern schematic to work out which pattern size you are going to use as the base size for the sweater you’re planning to knit.  So, armed with my recently completed Measurements Worksheet, and my pattern for Bud, I sat down and worked through the pattern to evaluate which size I would knit and which areas I would like to amend the fit on.  Another first for me, for sure.

The first thing to note is that the schematic for Bud doens’t really give you a lot of information.  I have to say prior to this course I paid little attention to the schematic…but I know better now.


You’ll also notice I’ve been scribbling on the schematic at the neckline.  I like Bud as is, but for my perfect cardigan the neckline would sit a little higher.  So I played around with it and I’m thinking of trying to raise the neckline a little bit.  I would not have even thought of attempting this alteration before this course.  I’m definitately making progress.

After an hour of watching the video and comparing the charts, I had a list of things that I’m considering amending on the garment I knit.

IMG_7922_edited-4Because this is quite a loose fitting garment there are less issues, however I will be adding shaping at the back to stop it being baggy, a little waist shaping at the front for the same reason, and I’ll attempt to raise that neckline a little too.

The most important thing to note is that normally I would have looked at the finished measurements for this cardigan and have thought that it would “fit” me because the overall finished measurements on the schematic would work, but in reality, whilst they do, I do need to tweak the pattern to make it look fabulous on me.

The next 3 lessons are, I believe, all addressing the HOW of making these alterations.  I’d really like to get lesson 8, Shaping and Modification, done over the weekend because I’m itching to cast on now.  But I’m keeping a tight hold on my enthusiasm, because I’m sure there’s lots more good stuff to come. However, if I do get through the lesson, I’ll let you know how I get on.