knittoflatterOh my word!  Lesson 6 was a revelation.

Experienced knitters who know how to fit knits properly might want to leave the room at this point!

Are they gone?

Phew…I suspect they would be a bit miffed with what I’m about to confess.

You see, every garment I’ve ever knitted for myself to date has started it’s life something like this:

  1. I see shiny new pattern or shiny new yarn, splash the cast and curl up on the sofa to cast on.
  2. I look at the pattern sizes and choose a finished garment size most appropriate to my bust.  This bit usually involves licking a finger and holding it up to see which way the wind is blowing…
  3. I do a cursory swatch to check that the gauge is somewhere in the ball park.  You know…10 rows over 20 stitches…it looks ok…lets get on with the good stuff.
  4. I cast on and I knit…periodically checking that it looks like it’s going to fit when it’s finished.  Sometimes more periodically than others, if you catch my drift. Audrey was a fine example of this!
  5. I cast off, sew up, block and pray to the knitting gods for a reasonable result.

You can imagine, I’m sure, just how shamefaced I am after Amy walked me through the 14 different measurements we will use to select our correct pattern size and base any modifications around.


17 if you include variations of sleeve length!

Compared to my heretofore paltry 3 measurements – bust, back length, sleeve length.

Miraculously, I have made successful and wearable garments with my old method. I’m putting this down to the skill of the pattern designer and the benevolence of the knitting gods.  It sure as hell isn’t down to any skill on my part.

I need to complete the measurements worksheet over the weekend before I start lesson 7, which is all about ease, but I’m only 4 lessons away from casting on Bud, and I cannot wait.

There’s a good chance it will fit too.

On purpose, this time! 😉