Early Saturday morning was cold and crisp and sunny.  I know this as I was up with the lark and heading for the train station, heading to Walthamstow to meet a princess.

Yes…you heard right.

A Sewing Princess to be precise.  Silvia was in town for the weekend and we’d arranged to meet up and explore Walthamstow market.


I was decidedly nervous.  Despite all evidence to the contrary I actually quite shy…not the sort of shy that actually stops me doing things, but the kind of shy that can make me gauche in new social circumstances with new people.

My nerves were groundless.  Silvia is every bit as delightful as you’d expect from her blog.  She is warm, and funny and has a megawatt smile. Even when I talked endlessly about the kids!

After coffee and a walk along the market, with which we were decidedly underwhelmed, we decided on a change of plan and headed off to the Goldhawk Road, with a loose plan of catching up with Rachel, who had organised a sewing meetup.

As we sat in Costa grabbing a coffee, I recognised stylish hair and a lovely skirt whisking into the loo.  Poor Karen was greeted by two joyous sewists as she exited…now she knows how Kenneth King felt!


We were quickly welcomed into the group and found ourselves joining a shoal of sewists heading off for lunch.  What an unexpected surprise and pleasure.





What a wonderful, wonderful, day!  Sewists are without doubt the most genuine and lovely group of people you are ever likely to meet.

Thank you Silvia and all the other amazing ladies for making a trip to London very special indeed.