Easter has marked the beginning of a few weeks of socialising on a level I haven’t enjoyed since the kids came home.

It started on Thursday night with a trip to the Lion King with Ma…my birthday gift from last year.


I’ll own up here and now that I had no idea of what to expect, although I’d heard that the costumes were great.

LK2That’s like saying Coco Chanel could sew a bit!

LK3All I can say is that if you get the chance to see this show….take it!  It’s amazing.  Thanks Ma!

The rest of the weekend has flown by in a lovely flurry of family time and too much good food. I’m groaning at the seams and The Husband is currently baking a third batch of the best hot cross buns you’ve ever eaten so that the kids and I have some for tomorrow.

I’ll need the sustenance. Tomorrow I’m taking my sanity in my hands, packing two small children and several soft toys (plus the usual array of cars, dollies, books and crayons) and heading to Devon to visit Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat, and to meet the new man in her life.

HuggyHe’s worth 7 hours in a car with squabbling small peeps.  We are all ridiculously over excited at the prospect of spending a few days with them.

But wish me luck for the journey anyway! 😉