xray_edited-1The wibbly pink arrow points to the greenstick fracture in Button’s little finger…sustained this morning whilst partaking in the morning ritual, Chez Stitches, of racing round the house like loons before breakfast.

A quick trip to A&E was initially vetoed by the patient on account of her not wanting to miss out on the school trip to the petting farm.

Promises that I would drive her there myself if necessary resulted in a very exciting visit to the hospital which included two x-rays, having the offending finger strapped up, getting a photo of the x-ray for the family album, and more stickers proclaiming her bravery than you can shake a stick at…green or otherwise.

And we made it to school in time to catch the bus to the farm. Which means that, for today at least, I’m officially in the good books of one small person here.

But…I’ve got this sneaking feeling that this won’t be the last time I have to throw on some clothes and dash a child to the emergency room at 8am in the morning…