The Husband’s shirt was finished last weekend and has already been worn twice.  It would have been worn more if I’d been swifter with the laundry and ironing.

IMG_7338_edited-1The days he couldn’t wear it I got the big sad eyes.

IMG_7344_edited-1I also been given details of plenty of variations on the theme that he feels would look just perfect in his wardrobe.  Different colours, contrasts, trims. He’s got it all sussed.


So it appears that as well as making my husband a shirt that he absolutely loves, I’ve also made a rod for my own back…I’ll be making this shirt again, for sure.

The pattern, you may recall, is McCalls 6613.



I have to admit to having quite mixed feelings about this pattern.

It’s actually drafted really well, except that there is no placket on the sleeve. Seriously…would it have been that much extra work for them to include a sleeve placket.  It’s a SHIRT, for heaven’s sake.

The instructions also don’t call for flat felled seams.  At which point I’m compelled to repeat myself…its. a. SHIRT. people!  Every RTW shirt in The Husband’s wardrobe has flat felled seams.

I chose to add them…which then resulted in the need for a “design feature” on the sleeve opening…because there’s no placket!  Hence the red grosgrain…which has turned out to be a favourite feature.

Funky details

But whilst I was frustrated with these omissions, and the generally weak instructions, the shirt itself fitted perfectly pretty much out of the envelope. The only adjustment I needed to make was to add 6cms across the back to accommodate his rugby shoulders.


You can’t really complain about that, can you?

So, I will be making this again, but next time I’ll draft a sleeve placket just to make it perfect.  But either way, I’ve got a happy husband…and that’s always a good thing, in my book.