It would seem that my initial thoughts on a plan-free year were the ones I should have listened to. Whilst sorting though the fabrics and patterns rejuvenated my enthusiasm for sewing the stash, this was very short lived and my long standing stash related ennui has returned, with bells on.

I’m soooooooooooo bored of thinking and talking about it.  And it’s not even that big of a stash…it’s just a really, really annoying one.

This state of affairs has not been helped by sewing Button’s delightful Ruffle Tunic dress and The Husband’s shirt.  Both of these projects have been fun. Most importantly they’ve been projects I’ve wanted to sew, not projects I think I should sew.

Then I noticed that my Pinterest boards were throwing up trends for things that I like.  That I want to sew and want to wear.

Simple dresses in plain colours.  Or polka dots. Or stripes. (Ignore the fancy party dresses…I don’t go to that many fancy parties…but a girl can live in hope!)

Jeans and t-shirts.

Jeans and tunics.

Slim legged trousers and long line tops.

Maxi dresses…this one I don’t understand…I only bought my first maxi dress last year and now I want more.  I LOVE them!

Anyway…these are the things I want to wear…that fit in with my lifestyle at the moment…that flatter my figure (which is more than a little, shall we say, dynamic at the moment due to some changes in meds…one stone added in 4 months, eeek!).

All of this reflection has resulted in a small but somewhat rebellious thought percolating in my brain.

“What if, instead of sewing my stash, I just. got. rid. of it!”

Radical, no?

It seems so bloody ungrateful, though.  Much of my stash has been given to me by my lovely friend Liz.  All of the pieces are good quality fabrics. All of them will make fabulous garments.

But the crux of the matter is that what I would be sewing wouldn’t necessarily be stuff that I would immediately pull out of my wardrobe on a daily basis.  Or be in colours that I am naturally drawn to.

So this week I spoke with Liz and she was gracious about the whole thing. Which kind of gave me the green light.  An afternoon in the sewing loft and the stash was slashed in half, and a sense of lightness has returned.

I’m now down to:

  • some linens in green and black
  • some crinkle cotton
  • a couple of nice jerseys


  • a bit of lace
  • denim for a pair of jeans (which is currently being tortured in an attempt to soften it a bit before I start sewing)
  • tweed for an Anise jacket


  • few lovely prints
2 mtrs of Art Gallery Voile - Praline Honey

2 mtrs of Art Gallery Voile – Praline Honey


Since Thursday I’ve printed off two PDF patterns, taped them together and started the process of flat pattern alterations.

I’ve made a toile for Amelie and it’s awaiting fitting.


And today I bought some lovely cotton lawn with which to line this gorgeous lace which is destined to become a Scout Woven Tee.


I’ve spent more time in the sewing loft this week than I have done for quite some considerable time.

So I’m binning the Stashbusting Sewalong and the Baker’s dozen project and going wherever the sewing mood takes me. Without a plan! 😉 Which at the moment is somewhere between the lace Scout Tee, a Washi maxi dress in crinkle cotton, and Amelie in black linen; all three of which I’m working on concurrently.

And it’s fun!

PS. I did photograph The Husband in his shirt this week.  He looked like an axe murderer in every pic.  I’ll do them again tomorrow.  Hopefully he’ll look less scary!

PPS.  There’s a couple of pieces of fabric that I’m not going to use that you might like.  I feel a giveaway coming up soon!