Yesterday was The Boy’s 4th birthday. It seems my babies aren’t babies any more!

IMG_7138_edited-1The heartbreakingly sad little boy who first came home to us is gone. I was watching some old video clips last week and the transformation is truly astonishing. Now he’s our family showman!

He has a finely tuned sense of humour and great comic timing.  He’s always singing and dancing and bouncing around.  He loves pranks and mischief and frequently laughs himself silly over some private joke.  It’s a joy to behold.


He has beautiful manners, is kind and thoughtful, and throws the most spectacular tantrums you’ve ever seen. They are a force of nature!

He has overcome such enormous challenges…his bravery and determination is breathtaking.


So, happy birthday, our wonderful, amazing little man.

I am proud and blessed to be your mummy.