GeneHunt_MG_3031-3I’ve come over all Gene Hunt today and finally fired up the Quattro*…or, in this case, the sewing machine.

shirt1Why yes…that is The Husband’s shirt that I’m working on!

I know it’s February and I haven’t completed a single thing so far this year…but at least I’ve finally, finally made a start on some sewing.

It feels good.  Despite the crappy instructions on this pattern and the fact that it’s happy for you to leave unfinished seams!  I’m now making it up as I go along and so far so good.

And tonight I’ll be ‘aving ‘oops for my tea!*

* If you haven’t watched Life on Mars, and are therefore bemused by these references, what are you doing here?  I suggest you go get a copy as quickly as you can and don’t surface again until you’ve finished!  And you need to make sure it’s the UK version…Philip Glenister is inspired as Gene Hunt. Inspired, I tell you!