The Baker’s Dozen Dress Project has officially been sorted.

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I have all my patterns gathered into two crates and organised into some semblance of order.  Dress patterns with other dress patterns.  Blouses and tops all in the same section.  Ditto everything else.

When I’d finished corralling the patterns, I went to work on the fabric stash itself, pulled out every piece I could find and arranged that into separate piles of dress lengths, top lengths…you get the picture.

Can I tell you it was a huge amount of fun!  Which I’ll admit caught me unawares. Last year I’d been very jaded with the stash, but this new project brought me to the fabric piles with a new set of eyes.

With everything finally organised the real fun began.

Matching patterns to fabrics.

I’m 85% sure I’ve got it nailed.

So, here they are….13 dresses (almost):

Gertie’s Shirtdress x 2


John Kaldor floral print poly

John Kaldor crinkle floral poly

John Kaldor crinkle floral poly

Butterick 5600 x 1


Black and cream birds poly
I’ll be making the sleeveless version…possibly without the ruffle

Tiramisu x 1

Purple jersey

Purple jersey

Amelia x 3

Poly satin black and taupe

Poly satin black and taupe

Pale green linen

Pale green linen

Black linen

Black linen

Burda 7203 x 1

Black linen

Black linen

Washi x 2

Burgundy/cream poly print - long sleeved dressBlack crinkle cotton - maxi dress

Burgundy/cream poly print – long sleeved dress
Black crinkle cotton – maxi dress

There you go…almost 13 dresses.

What about the other 3?

Well, don’t forget the sublime butterfly fabric that Vicki sent me:


All the other fabrics were really easy to match to a pattern.  I think I was in the zone or something.  This one less so.  I tried a couple of ideas but I’m not entirely sold on either of them.  They’re both lovely patterns, but not right for this fabric, I think.

IMG_7089_edited-1I’m going to let this one percolate for a while and see how I feel.

And there’s also the beautiful voile that Hubby bought me for Christmas.

2 mtrs of Art Gallery Voile - Praline Honey

2 mtrs of Art Gallery Voile – Praline Honey

  This one is destined to be a Miz Mozellemiz-mozelle-cover_1_1024x1024Buuuuuuut…I’m struggling with the amount of fabric.  Hubby once asked me how much fabric it would take to make a dress, and I said 2m.  Which would work if the fabric was 150cm wide…but this isn’t!  I should have clarified. Contrary to popular  my belief, he isn’t a mind reader. So I’m going to try and wiggle Miz Mozelle but may have to come up with a different plan for this lovely fabric.  Maybe, even, (whisper it) a blouse! (Which would be a lovely thing…all floaty and summery…but would interfere with this little project).

Yep.  I know you can count.  That’s only 12 dresses.  11 if the Miz Mozelle goes south.  But my secret weapon is the green linen.  There’s about 4 metres of that so I might be able to eke a second dress out of it.  There’s also acres of the black linen and the black crinkle.  I’ll work something out.

And if that fails…well, there’s always the fabric rabbits.  I’m sure they’ll come up with something between now and the end of the year.


BTW…if you’re thinking “that’s not a lot of fabric, don’t know what the fuss is about” there is also 2 skirt lengths (actually one skirt length and one skirt cut out and sorrowfully awaiting further attention), 3 top lengths, 3 lengths of jersey for t-shirts, denim for a pair of jeans, silk for a slip, and tweed for an Anise jacket.  But they’re for another post!