My original raison d’être for starting this blog was to keep in touch with my family after moving to live 280 miles away.

Today my family all live in the same postcode, but, astonishingly, I have readers from all corners of the globe, which is more than a little humbling.  I’m grateful to each and every one of you for stopping by to say hello.

So imagine how thrilled I am to discover that I’ve been nominated for another blog award by Fiona of Diary of a Chain Stitcher. 


This is particularly lovely because I only discovered Fiona’s blog at the end of last year when I was paired with her during the Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap.  And I’m so glad I did, because she is a talented seamstress with exquisite taste and fabulous skills.

The Premio is a unique award in that it celebrates people who kindly leave a comment on the blogs they read.  I know I don’t always have the time to comment on your blog posts, so I’m always appreciative of you ‘speaking’ to me.  I love that connection to the wider sewing and blogging community.

So thank you to Fiona for nominating me, and thank you to all of you for popping by, however frequently, and whether you have the time to drop me a little note or not.

Without further ado, it’s time for my nominations…which for this award are that I  pass this on to the last nine people who commented on my blog.


And the nominees are:

  1. Ginger Makes
  2. Sewing Princess
  3. Stitch Parade
  4. moonthirty
  5. Pretty Grievances
  6. Daisy Donut
  7. Mercury – handmade fashion
  8. Loopy’s Place
  9. Vickikatemakes

I know I’ve mentioned some of these ladies here before, but they all deserve mentioning again, so please do check them out.  And maybe leave a comment….