The wee small boy was in hospital for his first operation today.  All went well and he was done and home again by lunch time.

Thankfully cannulas were not required.  I am beyond grateful for this.

photo (2)

fake sleeping…note the half-scoffed biscuit!

He was brave and funny during the whole adventure…teasing the nurses by pretending still to be asleep.  Promise of a Cadbury’s Fudge at home soon put paid to those shennagins.

We are now waiting for his next hospital date which will be to have his squints corrected.  I think I’m going to be a whole lot more sanguine about that now I know he’s fine with anaesthetic.

And whilst he’s had a little snooze this afternoon I’ve finally made it into the sewing loft and have made a start on paper fitting the pattern for The Husband’s shirt.

Next stop…the toile!  See….slow sewing…doing it right.  It won’t last! 😉