The children have been introduced to Wallace and Gromit over the Christmas break and they are entranced.

wrong trousers

Unfortunately, Wallace’s genius for incompetence in his creations has spilled over to my sewing loft.

I finally got the 2 pairs of upcycled jeans finished for Button this week.


You know…the ones I started in October of last year.

Just the 2 1/2 months then.

Which, whilst not a hanging offence in itself, doesn’t take into account the annoying tendency of small people to grow.

Right out of the jeans you should have finished for her 2 months ago!

Cue expletive of your own choice!  I had several!

For a split second I was tempted to let The Boy wear them…but figured that floral Liberty print pocket linings probably weren’t a look he’d want to rock…and that the grandparents wouldn’t forgive me.

Thankfully, his best friend at nursery is a delightful, curly haired little moppet and these jeans will fit her perfectly.