Good grief…21 days to go?  How did that happen?

Fortunately, whilst there isn’t a great deal of needlework going on here, the Christmas gift list is slowly being ticked off.

Last weekend we stirred up cake and pudding.



On Wednesday I filled the house with the scent of spices as I gave the pudding its first steaming.


Yesterday we surprised the kids with a visit to see Father Christmas in the Hall at our local park.

Whilst The Boy wasn’t having any of it (except the proffered chocolate…he’s not daft), Button marched up to FC, bold as brass.

IMG_6742_edited-1The conversation went something like this:

FC:      Hello little girl.  Have you been good? What would you like for Christmas?

B:            A Barbie, please.

FC:          (In an incredulous tone) Is that all?

B:            Yes, thank you.

FC:          Speechless!

Having snaffled her chocolate as well, we went off to explore the Hall, and in the kitchens found two lovely ladies set up to make pomanders from oranges and cloves.



A quick turn around a little craft fair garnered so many compliments about the little jacket that Button commented “why are all these ladies looking at my coat?”.  I, on the other hand, was really rather pleased with myself.

We all had a pretty lovely day.