So, as you know, I spent some time on Berwick Street on Saturday.  Which is my favourite place to shop for fabric…as you’re pretty much sure to find what you want as there are such great shops.

After visiting a couple of the ’boutique’ fabric shops (£140, and more, per metre, anyone?) I headed for the Cloth House.  Or, to be correct, the first of the two Cloth House shops on Berwick Street.

Having had the fabric embargo in place, and dutifully clearing out or sewing up quite a bit of the fabric this year, my mind is turning to what I’m going to do when I’m free to sew exactly what I want…which is to fill my wardrobe with stuff that I’ll wear on a daily basis. For me that means I need to start with at least one more pair of jeans and some t-shirts.  I have some other “collection” plans coming together, but this first plan will get me dressed and out of the door on the school run every day in something reasonably presentable.

So I bought basic fabrics.

First up delicious double jersey:

It’s slightly darker in real life…airforce blue heading towards navy.  But, oh, how soft and snuggly this is.

Maybe Santa will bring me Renfrew for Christmas (or I can buy it myself in the New Year).  Because I’m planning to make up several iterations of it to go with jeans.  throw on boots and a jacket (or raincoat 😉 ) and I’m good to go for school.

No fuss.

And the Cloth House has this stuff in every colour known to man.  And (Husband, avert your eyes) they’ll ship samples and fabric if you ask them.

So, obviously, I need to make some more jeans to fit this plan.  Enter Cloth House shop 2 and this fabulous denim:

Wonderful blue/black denim with a great cross hatching in the weave (for which I’m sure there is a technical name but of which I’m completely unaware).

This denim has some lycra but is far heavier and more substantial that the denim I used for my first pair of jeans.  I’m really hoping it will soften a little in the prewash stage (I’m assured it will) but would welcome any tips for speeding up that process if you’ve got them.

Now you won’t be seeing these sewn up for a little while.  I’m still killing the stash and life is cray-zie busy at the moment.  But they will be the first things on the table when the Autumn SWAP is completed…and I’ve been back at the sewing table this week so hopefully will have something to share very soon!