***Well, subject to postage not being extortionate, all the fabric has gone!  I’m so pleased that it has found new homes, and can’t wait to see what you make of it.***

My friend Liz called in at Chez Stitches yesterday for a coffee and so I could help her pin a pile of alterations for things she wants to wear on her annual holiday visiting her son in Australia at Christmas (how much fun is that?).

She never turns up without something she’s found in a drawer or at a charity shop that she thinks either I or the kids will love…I’ve got some lovely vintage kitchen pieces for which I’m eternally grateful.

Yesterday was no exception.  She brought a lovely pile of fabric from her stash…some of which I love…some of which isn’t really my thing.

But just because it’s not my thing…doesn’t mean it won’t be yours. With that in mind I thought I’d share on the off-chance there is something you like. This isn’t a giveaway per se.  I’m offering this on an “if you like it let me know and it’s yours” basis.

I’ll send it anywhere in the world, all I’m asking is that you pay the postage.  So there is anything you’d like just email me with your address, I’ll check the postage cost for you, if it’s OK then PayPal the money to me and I’ll get it right out to you.

Sorry, it’s gone!
140cm wide x 90cm
Black/grey/peach geometric print
Cotton (possibly viscose) with a great drape. Perfect for a little vest top.

Sorry, it’s gone!
140cm wide x 3.2m
Purple multi abstract print
Cotton (possibly viscose) with a great drape

Sorry, it’s gone!
150cm wide x 95cm
Forest green skirt weight (the picture isn’t reflecting the colour here…it’s definitely a dark green
Poly blend?

Sorry, it’s gone!
140cm wide x 2m
Retro print orange crepe fabric (with stretch, almost like a jersey)
Totally wish I could carry this but simply can’t.

I’ll leave this open until next Sunday (the 18th) and if they haven’t gone by then, I’ll send them to the charity shop.