The lovely Vicki Kate is hosting a wonderful swap over at her blog.

In her own words:

My idea is that you decide what you’d like to make (dress / skirt / top) and whether you’re willing to post internationally. You’re then paired up with someone thinking along the same lines and you each buy the other enough fabric to make the item you’ve decided on. I’m vaguely thinking 2 yards for a skirt or top and 3 for a dress?

Hopefully we can strike up some friendships and explore some new blogs to discover what we think each other would like… I think maybe three “Yes Please” and “No Thanks” pointers would be a good starting point too?

I thought the pattern choice would stay with you and is a way to maybe ease a few who may be a little uncertain into the idea? It also keeps the cost in check too for those of us on a budget!

How could I resist? I love finding knitterly or sewerly gifts under the tree.  Much to the amusement of my family.

So I’m going to check out some pattern options and will report back on my choice soon.

And I’m looking forward to sending a little Christmas cheer into the sewing world too.

What fun!