Bought more fabric…lilac needlecord for the skinny jeans.  Actually, Ma bought it…thanks Ma.  Button is thrilled.

But not as thrilled as she is with the new hightops that Ma and I bought her to go with this outfit.

They are from Next and Button nearly exploded when she saw them!  I may have to get her the pink ones too…and make her a pink outfit to match.

However some progress was made.  I taped together the jeans pattern and cut out the fabric. But it was so dark in sewing loft last night I couldn’t get a decent picture for love nor money.

Today, however, I’m actually sewing.  The Oh Suzanna smock is coming together nicely. It’s a delightfully simple sew.

And we found out today The Boy isn’t having surgery tomorrow so we all feel a little lighter…for now.

Back to the loft.  Pictures soon I promise.