I know lots of lovely bloggy ladies are expecting at the moment…but don’t get your hopes up.  I’d be thrilled but have more chance of winning the lottery! Without a ticket! 😉

And no…we haven’t got another fur baby either.  Alice-who-is-a-cat is getting increasingly ancient so we are letting her see out her days in peace without being tormented by a larger fur-ball than she.

No…for some time now I’ve been dreaming of having a second regular sewing machine.  A lovely older one, with a super straight stitch.  Obviously when I renovate the sewing loft (which will probably be in about 10 years!) I’ll get the Jones treadle machine up and running for quilting.

But until then I’ve just been dreaming. I’m mean, I already have 6 sewing machines.  For goodness sake, I’m turning into Peter! 😉

On Sunday we had planned to go to a local vintage fair as the kids were away with the grandparents and we had the day to ourselves.

But neither of us felt like it.

So we ended up at a bric-a-brac sale at one of our local charity venues.

It seems the Sewing Gods had other plans for me on Sunday.

There is hardly a mark on her. She sews like a dream.

Look at that stitch…it’s just perfect.

So The Husband, being the absolute enabler sweetie that he is offered to buy it for me as a treat for getting through the exams.

He’s the best.

And no fool when it comes to an absolute bargain.

I’m a very happy, very lucky lady!