I started the day with the best intentions. I knew I had some things that needed doing that weren’t remotely related to sewing lovely clothes for the kids, but hadn’t banked on the afternoon being lost too.

It was in a good cause…having the windows measured for eventual replacement.

But it means I’ve still got nothing to show for day 2 of kcwc.

That said…I’ve taped together the Oh Suzanna Smock pattern and cut it out from the fabric I bought on Monday.

It’s the most delicious cotton lawn.

I’ve also purchased and downloaded Peek-a-Boo’s skinny jeans pattern.

What’s not to love.  Skinny jeans for boys or girls.  A bajillion sizes.  I’m really looking forward to using this pattern as both my kids look adorable in skinnies and I have at least 4 pairs of adults trousers in the sewing loft ready for re-purposing for them.

I see quite a few iterations of this pattern in my future.

And whilst I was on the Peek-a-Boo site I also downloaded this pattern which is available free of charge.

So flipping cute.

This won’t be made during kcwc, but I’m envisaging this in the lovely “fauxbury” plaid I recently bought, trimmed with black, possibly velvet.

So no completed garments yet, but definite progress. And I’ve allocated more than the requisite hour to sewing related activities both yesterday and today…which is more that I’ve done for quite some time.

Hopefully the top will be sewn tomorrow.