Ma has been mighty busy with her needles.

Lovely new knits for the small peeps in our household have been turning up with delightful regularity.

I, on the other hand, have been a very lax blogger and all round bad parent by not photographing these lovelies in a timely fashion so I can share them with you.

So, in the time honoured fashion of buses, here they all are at once.

Pattern: Sirdar 2358

Yarn: Sirdar Aran

I love cables.  You might have noticed that cables pop up on this blog a lot.

I love our children in cables.

Add a red hood and Miss Cutie Button and it’s a perfect storm of knitterly delight.

And you can rock “Minxy” just as well as “Cute”!

Pah! Says The Boy.

I can do “cool dude” just as well as you do “Cute”!

Pattern: Sirdar Jolly Beachcomber Knits pattern number 2335

Yarn: Mystery yarn donated by my friend Liz.

Me…I think he looks like he should have a smallholding, with sheep and rare breed pigs.

Sigh…isn’t that perfect?

And this shot is just to remind myself that they’re not always beating the c**p out of each other!

More cabled loveliness for The Boy!

Pattern: Baby Bamboo Too Pattern G

Yarn: Patons Tropicana Cotton DK

He looks far too preppy and grown up in this one.  And it also evidences the recent growth spurt between the front and back being knitted and checked against him and the sleeves being knitted! Thankfully it’s not too short, but we’ll be making future knits just a bit longer.

Big thanks go out to Ma for such sterling work with the needles.


Especially as she’s going to add some length to the navy sweater.  

She’s the best!

And I’ve still a couple more knits to share with you, one by Ma and one that I’ve done. I’ll share these this week and then we’ll be up to date with all our recent makes just in time for KCWC!