You should know by now that I’m a huge fan of Steph over at 3 Hours Past.

She’s a talented designer and seamstress.  She’s incredibly knowledgeable and generous in sharing her expertise.  She’s ethical.  And just generally fabulous.

You’ll also know from this little blog that she’s launching her own line of pattern under the “Cake” label.  As Steph explains:

Many sewists use the term “cake” to refer to useful sewn items- pencil skirts, knit tops, knit dresses, jeans: the kind of utility and casual clothes that everyone needs.  Why shouldn’t sewing and wearing those kinds of clothes be great fun?  Why not get the most from your sewing time (and $$) by making garments you LOVE to wear all the time?  Do knit tops and jeans have to be 100% utilitarian and boring?

I don’t think so.

And so I’m thrilled to let you know that her very first Cake pattern, Tiramisu, has been launched on pre-sale.

Oh. Emm. Gee!

Look at that fabulous retro cover design by the super-talented Michaela.

Look at all the information on the back cover alone.

You just know this is going to be a really detailed set of instructions.

Kind of the polar opposite to Burda instructions. 😉

And the dress has pockets.  I just know all the busy mum’s out there are clapping their hands and squealing at the thought of pockets in a dress.

Or is that just me?


Anyway….really…could this dress be any more perfect?

I think not.

Oh…except for the fact that Steph will be publishing her famous ‘hacks’ and they will involve a long sleeve variation for those of us who live in inclement climes!

So, despite the pattern purchasing moratorium Chez Stitches, I may just be supporting this incredible woman in getting her first pattern out to market.  Just don’t tell the husband that my order is already in.

What are you waiting for…go order!  You can do the deed by CLICKING HERE.