Silvia at Sewing Princess has set up a petition to Burdastyle regarding the issues many sewing blogs have been commenting on over recent issues.  I wholeheartedly agree with the points she raises and am thrilled to support her campaign.

She says it more eloquently than I do, so I’ve reblogged her post below. If you agree with Silvia, then please sign the petition here.   I have.

Dear Hurbert Burda Media and Mr Burda,

as seamstresses we love burdastyle magazine and we have appreciated how it has
evolved over the years to remain a landmark publication for sewing enthusiasts.

However, there are a number of issues that often discourage us from buying the
magazine or taking up a subscription.
Below are the most important:

1. Poor photoshoot that hide important garment details (e.g. covered sleeves for a
sleeved dress)
2. Poor instructions that increase hand sewing and are hard to understand, e.g. Burda
08/12 #133 and #113 (See Fehr Trade for much better construction process)

Loads of had sewing Burda 08/2012 113

3. Lack of detailed technical drawings that make us understand how the dress is
4. Repetitive patterns with non-existent or minimal variation either within the same
issue or after few issues (e.g. 08/2012 #133 and 10/2012 #127)

Swing dress Burda 08-2012-133

How to ruin a dress Burda 10/2012 127

5. Pattern choice that would be suitable for Burda easy (e.g. most of issue 07/2012
or the scarf on 09/2011 #105)

Yes, it’s a scarf pattern design Burda 09/2011 105

Two rectangles and they call it a pattern Burda 07/2012 107

6. Dubious style choice in terms of fabric (10/2012 127)

(c) Burdastyle 10/2012 127

7. Dubious design choice ( Leg warmers 10/2011 #150 or Dirdnl designs 09/2011 or  Pants with a hole right at the wront spot 07/2012

(c) Burdastyle Leg warmers Burda 10/2011 150
Pants with hole right THERE Burda 07/2012 128 (c) Burdastyle
Dirndl and it’s not for carnival!

8. Pattern sheets all on one piece of paper: what a tracing nightmare! Are you trying to test our eye sight? (I could not include this point online)

And a suggestion:

9. In addition, given that Burda nowadays creates all patterns electronically, wouldn’t it be great if patterns were offered in a customisable downloadable version? We
could print out at home our favourite Burda patterns designs by inputting our actualmeasurement and generate a fitting pattern.

We really hope that you will take into account our requests and offer us an improved
21 century Burda magazine.

The worldwide sewing community