Finally I’ve finished the jeans and I wore them out today with a new top.  Both of these garments still need some tweaking.

Let’s start with the jeans.  I wore these all day today and they are just so comfortable its ridiculous.  I’m not used to comfortable jeans so this was a revelation.

I’ve also never had a pair of jeans before that I could wear without a belt.  I didn’t wear a belt with these.  They stayed put.  This is also pretty flipping amazing.

Most amazingly is that I made these jeans.  They are not perfect but they are wearable and I know what I need to do for the next time:

  • I need to add some length to the legs. These are wearable but I’d like a bit more length for sure.
  • I need to bring the pockets in more towards the middle.  They aren’t necessarily placed in the most flattering position at the moment, but some of that is down to the fact that I needed to size them down after I’d top-stitched the pockets so I couldn’t move them.
  • I also need to take a bit more out under the butt.  This is because I’ve lost weight from the original alterations. I’m not complaining!
  • The next pair will be slightly less skinny.  This is just a matter of evolving taste. I’ve always worn skinny jeans but I think I’d like them a bit less so. More like classic Gap jeans.
  • I need to redraft the pattern because the grain line sure ain’t straight on these. I have twisty side seams.  But then Levi do that and call it a design feature. So that’s what I’m calling it!
  • I need to use heavier denim.  These are too lightweight for my taste and have too much stretch.

But… I. Made. Jeans.

And even with all these flaws they are still more comfortable and better fitting than any pair of jeans I’ve ever bought.  I was freaking about the creasing in the legs until I realised that every pair of skinny jeans I saw had the same creases.  Nature of the beast, I suppose.

Now to the top. This is made from Vogue 9771


Again, there are flaws.

I know there are drag lines across the bust…I did do an FBA on this pattern, I just need to make it a larger one.  And, when I tried the toile there weren’t these lines, but the toile fabric was heavier.

And I know the bust darts are waaaaaaaaay too high…goodness knows how this happened because they surely weren’t doing that on the toile.

And the neckline is higher in real life than on the illustration…but in every version of this I’ve seen made up by someone else, this has been commented on.  And for me it works.  It keeps the top modest when I’m picking up children or bending down to them.   Which is essential for me and something I struggle with in RTW.

But, despite these flaws…this top is really comfortable and I have had several compliments on it today.  Which just goes to show that us seamstresses are overly critical of our work.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be making the necessary alterations to both these patterns before I make them again, but is just a little reminder to us all to be a little kinder to ourselves and our abilities.