…and some lovely fabric too.

Steph over at 3 Hours is hosting a poll to name the cover lady for her new pattern line, Cake, and is also giving away this delicious polka dot fabric.

Polka dot jersey fabric of delight!

There are a pair of scissors and some needles in the mix too.  All in all everything you need to make your own Tiramisu.

You know this pattern and fabric is just the perfect combo with which to start my autumn wardrobe so I’m not being completely altruistic in blogging about this…just hedging my bets.

But, truely, how could I not share when Steph is being so generous and her pattern is so adorable and that fabric is fantastic.

Go…throw your name into the hat.  You’ve got to be in it to win it!


I know I promised you pictures of the  beach babies.

But I’ve been corralling said babies who have been beastly this week (end-of-holiday-itis).

And I’ve been finishing my written paper, which, subject to a quick query being answered by my tutor, will be submitted tomorrow.  Just the oral to do.

So…pics to follow very soon!