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You may remember that during my last visit to London I bought this lovely Liberty fabric on the Goldhawk Road.

I think it’s cotton lawn.  It’s certainly not as weighty as the cotton I used for the Giverny dress.

Fast forward to today and The Husband and I were in the sewing loft together. He was clearing the filing cabinets (to make space for me to store my sewing patterns :-)), I was turning hems ready to sew.  We were listening to music and there may have been a glass of red wine involved too.

Lulled into a slightly mellow mood by the effects of the red wine this domesticity, I decided to take the plunge, go through the remaining stash of fabric, and ask his opinion/chat through my thoughts on what to sew each piece up into.  This isn’t as crazy as it seems…I really do value his opinion as he’s very honest.

All was well until I reached the above Liberty, which resulted in The Husband’s Patented Look of “WTF Are You Thinking?”.

Maybe sometimes he’s too honest!

The Look was closely followed by the question “was it expensive”?  This translates to “if it was cheap you won’t feel badly about setting fire to it in the garden”.

All of which tells me that even if I made this fabric into the most beautiful garment in the world, ever, I would know in my heart that he doesn’t really like it and, at the risk of sounding like a surrendered wife, I’d never wear it.

Which seems an unfitting option for such a lovely piece of fabric.

But my wardrobe’s loss is your gain.

This gorgeous fabric is up for grabs.

Just leave me a comment on this post if you’d like it. There are 2 metres.  If there’s more than one taker  I’ll draw names from a hat.  Cut off for this giveaway is 7pm on Friday 3rd August.

As always I’m happy to send this anywhere in the world.