Today I went out for coffee and to study.  The Husband was working from home and I find him one distraction too many.  So off I went.  I have a plan to get my final essay done by the end of the summer holidays, leaving me a month to prep for my final oral exam.

I’m on track.

Whilst I was out the post man called with 2 packages for me.

One is a pile of legal documentation for me to review before I sit on my monthly Adoption Panel next week.

The other was a transglobal parcel of gorgeousness.

Yep…more scrummy fabric.

This is from Steph at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World and, as you’d expect from her, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Steph made this fabric up into the fabulous Lacewing tee.

(See what I did there with the post title?  Lame I know, but it makes me smile, and it’s my blog, so there! 😉 )

Image is from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World

Lacewing is a hack from Steph’s own pattern, the Blank Canvas Tee, which you can download here and from Craftsy.  It’s a free pattern and she’s been posting a series of hacks giving you multiple variations of the pattern.  All of which are just amazing.

Honestly – you really need to check them out.  She’s got awesome skills!

I’m very tempted to make my own Lacewing with this fabric simply because Steph’s is so beautiful.  We’ll see.

But in the meantime I just wanted to send Steph a big thank you for such a fabulous parcel.  I’m really, really thrilled with it.  And to paraphrase her lovely card which accompanied the fabric, it’s really rather wonderful to make real world connections through the interwebs.

I’m a very lucky girl, no?