Through I tell you.





You promised me simple, stylish summer dresses, and what did you deliver……


Grief I tell you!

What with your ill drafted pattern pieces. And the craziest fitting skirt I’ve ever come across. And lets not mention the fitting issues up the wazoo around the waist!

Don’t think I didn’t hear you sniggering in the corner!

And I know just what you’re going to say…

“well…you’re hardly the one to talk are you…not exactly the perfect shape are we?!?!”

…but your little snidey comments don’t cut the mustard, oh no!  I’ve made two of you now.  Nothing you can say can phase me, Mister!

And, despite your best efforts to sabotage my sewing, I. have. finished. the Libery print dress.  So there!

I’ve even given it a really cute name.

All I need is some sunshine in which to photograph it and I’ll show the world that I’m tougher than you.

And you, my fiendish, fabric-fouling friend, are off to the recycling.

So there! Again!