Do you ever hit that point where you look at the pile of fabric/patterns/yarn/books and realise that you are never going to work your way through them?

Nor do you particularly want to work your way through them.

After all this is your hobby and passion…not your job!  And “work” is a 4 letter word, after all.

Well, I hit that point this week!

And I know I’m not alone with this.

I realised that in 3 months, give or take, I shall have finished my degree and I shall be free.

Free, I tell you.

Free at last!

And the last thing I’ll want to do then is sew or knit stash yarns/fabrics.


I shall want to travel far and wide (well…Berwick Street in London and my local shop, The Buttonhole!) and buy new fabric to sew new patterns.

Sewaholic Cambie Dress
image borrowed from

I shall want to purchase new yarn

image borrowed from

to knit new patterns.

Image courtesy of Jane Richmond from her Audrey pattern
And as an aside…doesn’t this model have the most beautiful hair?!

And so I have culled.

Not in a bashing-cute-furry-animals-over-the-head kinda way.  Even I’m not that cruel!!!

But in a ruthless “I’m never-going-to-knit-this-yarn-or-sew-this-fabric-or-use-this-book” kinda way!

So I have pulled together a crate of goodies for the charity shop (and there are some sewing patterns in there too…shock/horror!).

And I have to tell you that I feel a million tonnes lighter for it!

Free, I say.  Almost free!

PS to The Husband…you can’t say I haven’t warned you!!!! 😉

PPS…I may have replaced one or two of the books cleared out with lovely new titles.  It was my birthday after all.  Reviews to come soon.

PPPS…there are also 2 bags of outgrown childrens clothes, 2 bags of toys, and a bag of ornaments going with that fabric/pattern/book haul too.  I’m a woman on a mission!