Today is my birthday!

I’m 46.

How that happened I really I have no idea…but it sure beats the alternative.

And to be fair I really wouldn’t be any other age.  I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing.

The Husband made supper tonight.  7 hour lamb, mashed potato, veggies.

Followed by Red Velvet Cake.

Yep!  Really! Red Velvet Cake.

Made by The Husband.

Because we had Red Velvet Cake at our wedding!

Big ‘ol softie!

I should point out two things:

1. This cake is even better in real life than in the pictures.  They were taken in artificial light, after several glasses of wine!

2. The Husband didn’t do this alone.  He had help.  From a 4 year old master baker who kept him on the straight and narrow!

I’d have shared pictures but I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen.

I was reliably informed that it was a secret!