I know it’s Wednesday today but bear with me.

There is precious little crafting going on here at the moment. Lots of other everyday boring stuff, but not much of the fun creative stuff.  So last night I took The Husband out to the Vue cinema for a belated Father’s Day treat.

We don’t go to the cinema much these days.  We watch lots of films at home, but with a standard ticket costing £8.40 and a VIP seating costing £10.10 (more in both cases if you want to see 3D!), it’s not a cheap night out. Especially as part of the treat for us is a Venti Skinny Coffee Frappucino for me and a Full Fat Cream with Everything Something-or-other for the Husband. You’re looking at best part of £25 just to see a film.

But for a special occasion its a nice treat that means we don’t impinge too much on the kindness of parents who babysit for us.

So back to last night.

We went to see Prometheus.

source – prometheus-movie.com

It’s the prequel to Alien and I will admit to having absolutely no expectations of this film whatsoever.  Prequels are usually, in my experience, pretty poor.

This was amazing.

Admittedly I had to watch some parts through my fingers.  But I have to do that with Alien anyway.  Note to Lara Croft…you won’t like this.  It’s a bit scary in parts!

At the till I noticed the girl using a Cheap Day Tuesday card to buy her tickets. So I enquired. And I signed up. For free.

Two tickets £7.90!

Less than the price of 1 normal ticket.

Bargain!  And highly recommended.