The jeans are finally finished and I love them.

They have all the attributes of RTW jeans.

A jeans button.


Miles of perfect topstitching.

A coin pocket.

Beautiful belt loops.

And a non-stretch waistband  fitted to very stretchy denim!

Result:  fabulous skinny jeans that look amazing and fit like a glove everywhere else, BUT have a waistband that won’t fit me for about another 5lbs!

Insert your own expletive here! 

I did!

I’m kicking myself because this is a rookie error and I know better.  I should have fitted the waistband to my waist and then sewn it to the jeans.

But I didn’t.

Because I’m an eejit.

If you do decide to make yourself some jeans (or a skirt…or some trousers…) don’t be like me…do the waistband the right way round!

But I am NOT despondent because I am back in the weight loss saddle and it won’t take too long to lose the requisite amount.

And then I’ll wear these jeans with pride.

And take photos to share.

Because I. MADE. JEANS.

And they are amazing!